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Join us in celebrating at the
CCAA Awards Luncheon!

Saturday, April 2, 12:00 p.m. CST

The awards celebration will be livestreamed and available for viewing at a later date.

CCAA Award Recipients

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Kandis Greene Barker ‘77
Distinguished Alumna


Kandy is Curator of Education at the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, a
position she has held since 1995. She has dedicated her professional career to bringing art education to
the community through grant writing, fundraising, and obtaining scholarships so that no cost art
education can reach as many as possible. She was also instrumental in researching ideas, obtaining
funding, and creating a hands-on ArtLab where museum visitors could learn through physically creating
art. Kandy was named Outstanding Museum Art educator by the Kansas Art Education Association for
2019-2020. At Cottey, classmates recall her spending many hours in Neale Hall, working on her art
projects. Kandy has had the attributes of a curator throughout her adult life by constructing content with
passion, creativity and skill. Kandy initially demonstrated these attributes while parenting her two
daughters, who experienced an incredibly rich childhood filled with the arts, music, activities and family
field trips.

Kandy returned to her studies and graduated in 1996 from Washburn University with a BFA in Painting
and a BA in Art History. She studied abroad in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. In 2005, Kandy earned her
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, emphasizing Museum Art Education Across Disciplines. Kandy is also a
talented artist, devoted wife, loving mother and grammy to two grandchildren.


Christi-Anne Beatty ‘19

Outstanding Young Alumna

This nominee entered Cottey at age 15 and has recently finished her second year of law school at the
University of Cincinnati. She owns income property, and is currently a law clerk at a full-service real
estate law firm. Christi-Anne was named the 2020-2021 Diversity in Law Fellow at the Law and
Leadership Institute. She became interested in finance and investing during her 3rd year at Cottey while
studying business, with real estate being a natural extension. Initially focused on finding the cheapest
housing while attending law school, she is now part owner of a tri-plex near campus. Christi-Anne
explains this did not happen overnight; but by working on building her credit since age 18, choosing
affordable schools, saving half of her already low income, and learning how to invest, this has become a
reality. Christi-Anne graduated from Cottey with a BA in Business Management and a minor in
International Relations. Dr. Carol Clyde Gallagher, assistant professor of organizational leadership,
described her as “always being a very determined and focused student, with a clear picture of where her
life was intended to go”. While attending Cottey, Christi-Anne was recognized on the All-Region team for
Cross Country and honored with the Distinguished Student-Athlete award in 2018. She participated in
Model UN, was president of Phi Beta Lambda, and named Newman Civic Fellow in 2017. Christi-Anne
describes herself as a 20-year-old, Black, first-generation homebuyer, multifamily investor, Airbnb host,
and a creator of generational wealth.


Rebecca Zeltinger ‘94

Alumna Service Award

This alumnae has served Cottey well with her leadership and commitment to the college. She
participated directly in the Defining Moment campaign followed by a six year term as a member of the
CCAA executive board. Becky lead the board as president for two years, completing her tenure in June
2021. Becky also spearheaded the creation of the CCAA endowed Cottey College Visit Fund. Becky is one
of three alumnae from her family who attended Cottey.


Steve Reed

Honorary Alumna

Steve has been the Director of Public Information at Cottey since 1992. He received his BA in English and
Religion from Drury University and began his career as a secondary English and Journalism teacher in the
1980s. After becoming a freelancer for the Springfield News-Leader newspaper, Steve wrote and
designed special advertising supplements. He later moved to Nevada to work in the marketing
department of Farm and Home Savings, and three years later the position at Cottey opened. Steve is also
editor of the Viewpoint and yearbook professor. With the proliferation of media outlets over the years,
Steve has experienced first-hand the increased need for immediacy of information. He has adapted well
to the demands for electronic posts on the Cottey website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. to keep internal
and external audiences informed about Cottey news and events. Steve is a dedicated educator and
leader, the ideal candidate for the first ever Honorary Alumna award presented to a man. Steve will be
retiring June 30, 2022.


President Dr. Jann Weitzel &

Jack Weitzel

Friend of the College

Dr. Weitzel joined Cottey as it’s 12th President on June 15, 2015 and will be retiring on June 30, 2022. Dr.
Weitzel been an educator for 46 years, 25 of which have been in higher education. As President, she
passionately believes in the value of a women’s institution that is founded on a strong liberal arts and
sciences program coupled with excellent instruction, and she has worked to ensure that a high level of
excellence is reflected in the Cottey curriculum. Her commitment to the students personifies Cottey’s
goal of being “Creators of Incredible Futures.” Throughout their 47 year marriage, Jack has tirelessly
supported Jann’s academic career and together they have raised a remarkable family.

Kandis Barker
Becky Zeltinger
Christi-Anne Beatty
Steve Reed
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