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Do you know the history of Cottey College?


What would it be like if you could re-write Virginia Alice Cottey's story?

In this Cottey Madlib activity, you and your classmates can make Cottey history...and make it funny!

Gather with your classmates and complete the madlib story.

Download and open the Cottey Madlib Document.  One person fills in the blanks while the rest of the group gives answers.

Once all of the blanks are completed, READ the story!

You have now re-written VAC's Cottey History. ENJOY!

Cottey Madlib

We all remember the beautiful sights and sounds of Cottey's campus. For those of you that can't attend on-campus, this activity is especially for you.

This is a Cottey State of Mind Visualization. Close your eyes. Find a comfortable spot.

Turn up the volume and enjoy the walk as your tour guide invites you to visualize Cottey.

Cottey Visualization
Cottey Visualization Experience
00:00 / 07:29

Some of the best times and best belly laughs we had were with our friends at Cottey. You are invited to sit around and tell some "Fowl" jokes to get the memories flowing.

Yes, we know that some of these jokes 'stink' like sulfur water. Other jokes may just

"crack you up".... 

Photo challenge

Do you know your Cottey landmarks?  Take the Cottey Photo Challenge to identify12 disguised Cottey landmarks.

Take a moment and jot down the answers and see if you can SEE all there is to see at Cottey C.


You say you are a fan of Cottey College. Can you find something that represents the college from A to Z?

This activity can be completed with your class during a Virtual Class Reunion, it can be a class challenge or can be something posted on social media. We want to see you represent Cottey from A to Z!

Scaveger hunt

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